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Fishing Report 17-02-19

With the cooler weather and a bit of rain over the last week or so we have seen a change in the water temperature in the bay and it has been a change for the good judging by the reports. Depending who’s temperature gauge is correct the bay has fallen between 3 and 5 degrees back to something more respectable for this time of the year. The reports this week have reflected the more favourable cooler conditions with some good reports of whiting, pinkies and calamari.

While the reports of pinkies are good the problem with the reports is 8 out of 10 are tiny undersized ones and you need to work hard to find the size ones.  Several customers are telling me they have actually upsized hooks and baits again and using a cocktail of squid and pilchard letting the smaller pinkies rattle away at the baits but not able to hook themselves with the bigger hooks, but the bigger ones are engulfing the bait and taking off with it. The pinkie reports have come from all over the bay, especially the undersized ones and can become very annoying while fishing for whiting. The reports of bigger ones have been random, and I couldn’t really direct you to an area that’s better than the other. The majority of the pinkie reports have come from in the bay, but we are being told if you want them there are plenty offshore as well down towards the windmills on the rough bottom. We even had a couple of reports from the jetties at Cowes and Newhaven.

Whiting seem to be happier with the lower water temperature also with some very good reports despite the limited chances during the week. The reports came from 4 places, cleeland bight in the mornings, dickies bay some mornings but more evenings, long point jetty on the early tide change and Corinella on a couple of the cloudy days in the afternoon. The numbers were good and the average size is getting much better although there are still plenty of pencil whiting around, especially at the top end of the bay around reef island.

The offshore opportunities during the week were few and far between but the weekend, especially Sunday was all but perfect and plenty took advantage. Many headed out the entrance and turned right looking for Kingfish but those looking for a feed went left looking for flathead. Despite the huge swell on Thursday offshore the water cleaned up quickly and most told us that it was surprisingly clear. Flathead haven’t changed and you can get a feed if you are prepared to hunt around a bit and like the last few weeks the depth seems to change each report we get. There were a couple of makos caught on Saturday and came from a bit wider that where the other ones have been caught over the last couple of weeks. There is plenty of bait schools offshore and if you want to get some bait in the freezer for next snapper you can fill up of pencil slimmeys. If you are going to chase some bait for next year do yourself a favour and vac pack them before you freeze them and in another 6 months or so they will be a s fresh as the day you caught them. the bait balls can be hard to find as they are not always on the surface but generally if you are high enough you can see the dark shadow in the water. This week the sightings of bait balls came not from those on the water but more from those in the carparks that look out over the open water, Punch bowl, Potters hill road and Pyramid rock carparks.

Some reasonable reports of calamari off the jetties this week but more reports of the calamari swimming up to the jig just as a piece of weed finds its way to your jig than people landing them. several also told us they seemed to be very tentative and not really attacking the squid jigs. Then we had the reports from the boats that was almost 100% opposite telling us that the squid were very aggressive attacking the jigs. From the reports the numbers were mixed like the sizes with very small just longer than the jig to 1.5kg caught one after the other. Both the jetty and the boats said the same thing, there was no consistency in the size and when you saw them in the water if there was 6 everyone would be a different size.